May 12-15, 2022

Gain perspective and cultivate conscious impact in connection, while celebrating deep female relations in a paradise location in great nature
“Once individuals link together, they become something different…Relationships change us, reveal us, evoke more from us. Only when we join with others do our gifts become visible, even to ourselves.”
(Margaret Wheatley & Myron Kellner-Rogers)

Deep Work.

Experience a multi-layered personal enrichment that invites to explore deep connections as well as our awareness of our own impact when we connect with others.


Join an extraordinary celebration of collective wisdom and beauty in the intimacy of a group of wonderful women.

Like Us.

Meet feminine shakers & builders who are like-minded & like-hearted in their curiosity & commitment to inner growth and the exploration of blind spots & hidden gems.

Key Ingredients

We believe that each of us carries a powerful wisdom that can inspire others to expand their own perspectives and that plants the seed for further growth. In this sense we are all "teacher & student" at the same time. "Gain perspective & cultivate conscious impact in connection" is our headline for this SHEtreat. As participant you are contributor to the program experience. Some will host, and all of us will contribute to sharing sessions about our topics of passion (e.g. effective altruism) or the introduction of new skills (e.g. voice & impact). We will use the entire space inside and outside in nature, as well as a good mix of formats for our common exploration (e.g. light hikes, body work, meditation, storytelling, sharing & witnessing, silence, music, arts, etc.).

The Facilitators

We will keep the whole picture together. We are the guardians of the 'overall red thread' and will host reflection sessions to weave the different perspectives into a bigger picture. Our passion is to hold the space such as to encourage the present moment to unfold as it is.

Kathrin Dahm

…is a leadership development & transformation coach and passionate about introspection. A nature lover, facilitator of wilderness trails and certified yoga teacher, she will accompany your self-exploration journey with integrated breath work, nature walks and bodily experiences. She has spent 18 years as an HR executive in the aerospace and automotive industry.

Thy-Diep (Yip) Ta

… is a certified Search Inside Yourself Mindfulness Teacher and passionate meditation teacher. A poet and writer, she will accompany you through mind-heart-hands-voice experiences. Prior to focusing her career on mental healthcare services, Yip was a project lead in the management consulting firm McKinsey.


We will be inside and outside during the program. Generally, we invite you to bring casual clothes that you feel really comfortable in. More specifically, please be equipped for the following:

As the motto goes, ’there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’ so please also bring a rain jacket & trousers just in case.

Bodywork (legging/comfortable joggers, t-shirt, fleece)
Walking outside (light trekking shoes, trousers, shirts, jacket/fleece).
Slippers/flip flops


The SHEtreat starts Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 15 hrs and ends Sunday, May 15, 2022 after lunch at around 14 hrs.


Berghaus Spitzingsee
Kratzerweg 4
83727 Schliersee-Spitzingsee
Bavaria, Germany


Packages include 3 nights in shared accomodation, nutritious food & non alcoholic drinks (full board, breakfast, lunch, dinner) & retreat program activities (indors & outdoors)

Last Minute

from May 1
€ 1.444,- incl. VAT
Join us

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Your participation is confirmed upon receipt of payment.
    2. All cancellations should be confirmed by email to . For cancellations we reserve the possibility to withhold parts of the payment to cover costs accruing according to the cancellation conditions of the Berghaus Spitzingsee, which are as follows:
      1. free of charge up to 12 weeks before arrival (till February 16)
      2. from 12 weeks on 50 % (from February 17 on)
      3. from 6 weeks on 60 % (from April 31 on)
      4. from 4 weeks on 80 % (from April 14 on)
      5. from 2 weeks on 100 % (from April 28 on)
    3. If the SHEtreat needs to be canceled due to higher forces (such as Corona lock-down), no costs will of course be incurred, and payments already made will be refunded.
    4. Important: For the safety of its guests, the 2G+ rule currently applies in Haus Spitzingsee, i.e. vaccinated and tested. If this regulation changes, we will pass this on to you immediately.
    5. In the case of serious illness, please indicate this in the registration form. Participants in the retreats are fully responsible for their health and attest having an appropriate insurance.
    6. Our Terms of Service apply.


    You have questions? Feel more than invited to check in with us, we are looking forward to connecting to you!

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